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Welcome to LifeScape+, a video resource center for parents and caregivers to learn more about milestones for your child and get expert advice from our very own LifeScape therapists!

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Milestone: 1 to 12 years old

What is W sitting and why does it matter?

W Sitting

Milestone: Birth- 24 Months

Check out this series on feeding milestones from Birth to 24 months to understand how your child’s feeding skills should develop over their first 2 years.

Feeding Milestones

Milestone: Birth - 12 months

Learn how remolding helmets help reshape babies’ heads and what to expect if your baby needs one.

Cranial Remodeling Orthosis

Milestone: Birth - 9 years old

Toe walking is a common occurrence in childhood. Learn about why it happens and when you should seek help.

Toe Walking

Milestone: Birth - 6 years old

Visual motor skills and visual perceptual skills help us more than we realize. Learn how we use these skills in our daily lives.

Visual Skills

Milestone: Birth-3 years

What is torticollis and when should you consider seeking a physical therapy evaluation or treatment.


Milestone: 3-6 years

Exploring the developmental sequence of grasp patterns for writing utensils.

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Milestone: 3-6 years

Learn about how sensory responses can impact independence and comfort when using the restroom.

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Milestone: Birth-3 years & 3-6 years

According to the CDC, an estimated 1 in 36 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Join us as we review the early signs of ASD.

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Milestone: Birth-3 years

Check out this series of Infant Positioning Devices going over the good, the bad, and the alternatives.

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Milestone: Birth-3 years

See what your baby should be doing during tummy time at different ages and learn tips to help them get stronger.

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