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Children’s Specialty Hospital

Our Children’s Specialty Hospital provides extensive inpatient rehabilitation and specialized medical care for individuals from birth to 21 years. We offer expert and compassionate care and support to children and families so they can be closer to home.

One reason why our Specialty Hospital is so unique is because of Dr. Julie Johnson, our Medical Director. She established Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation services at LifeScape in 1998. Dr. Johnson oversaw the foundation of the Children’s Specialty Hospital and the LifeScape Rehabilitation Center, where she continues serving patients today.

If you’re unsure which type of medical program your child needs, we can help.

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30+ Trained Therapists Team

Expert Pediatric Medical Staff

Outpatient Clinics in Sioux Falls & Rapid City

On-site Orthotics, Prosthetics & Mobility Support

Midwest Provider Collaboration

Expect the Best Care

LifeScape boasts a robust team of over 30 highly trained therapists in Sioux Falls, backed by pediatric rehabilitation medicine physicians, a physician assistant, and an expert nursing team. With outpatient clinics in Sioux Falls and Rapid City, South Dakota, patients have access to on-site orthotics, prosthetics, and durable medical equipment provider to offer comprehensive care. We foster collaborative relationships with numerous providers and hospitals across the Midwest, all under the oversight of Dr. Julie Johnson. Our specialty hospital symbolizes our enduring commitment to healthcare.

Medically Complex Program

LifeScape offers a unique pediatric unit, providing 24-hour specialized care to infants, children, and teens who have complex medical needs.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

If your child needs rehabilitation after an accident, illness, or surgery, our compassionate and expert team can help them recover.

Facility Features

Closer to Home

Being close to home during the healing process can provide real comfort and convenience. Our Children’s Specialty Hospital is the only pediatric rehabilitation hospital in South Dakota and the surrounding area. This makes it easier for families and friends to be part of the healing process. We offer private and semi-private patient rooms so parents can stay overnight and provide extra support for their child.

We Know Kids

Our staff understands the developmental needs of kids. Our team will help your child through the physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges of their injury. They will set goals aimed at increasing independence and confidence throughout recovery.

Our team has advanced training, and years of experience working with children and adolescents needing care due to various levels of disability and needs. We will work to restore function through therapeutic approaches, which may include electrical stimulation, weight-bearing, functional task repetition, locomotor training, vital stim swallowing therapy, use of assistive technology, and aquatic therapy.

Our team uses age-appropriate treatment techniques and tools–including toys and games–to increase your child’s comfort and participation in therapy sessions.

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