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For children and adults needing artificial limbs, our Certified Prosthetists provide the right fit—the first time. We don’t stop working with patients until they’ve reached their highest level of comfort and function.

Meet Our Experts


Rylie Weldon, CPO, MSOP

Certified Orthotist & Prosthetist, Rapid City


Mark Swanstrom, CP, BOCO

Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist, Sioux Falls

Lower Limb Prosthetics

Upper Limb Prosthetics

Immediate Post-Operative Procedures

Outreach Clinics for Orthotics and Prosthetics

We provide a regular orthotic and prosthetic clinic in Aberdeen, SD.

Trust the experts.

We Help with Insurance

Third-party reimbursement for equipment is increasingly difficult to get, but we can help. Our staff is highly trained and persistent in getting Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance approval.

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