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LifeScape is pleased to now offer Intensify, a collection of specific therapeutic interventions delivered at a higher intensity, to reach individual goals in a shorter amount of time. Not all patients, goals, and interventions are appropriate for a delivery model at a higher frequency. LifeScape Intensify programs are supported by research and the clinical expertise you’ve come to expect of our clinicians. Don’t wait – let’s get started today!

Intensify Features

Intensify MoveandGroove

Move & Groove!

The focus of this intensive program is to improve the child’s strength and conditioning which is required to progress patients through their developmental milestones and functional mobility skills. This intensive mobility program works on individual child and family goals such as crawling, kneeling, standing, and walking. By focusing on specific movement patterns and correct alignment, patients can improve their stability and mobility, allowing them to better participate in activities with their family or peers. Use of special equipment such as the Universal Exercise Unit or Solo Step, allow the therapists to effectively facilitate these skills. This intensive therapy program utilizes occupational and physical therapists working together to provide the patient with consistent and collaborative care to optimize results.

Intensify PowerMobility

Power Mobility

Our power mobility intensive was developed to assist children with achieving increased mobility independence. This program allows patients to work 1:1 with seating and mobility/power mobility specialists. Participants utilize a fleet of power wheelchairs, seating components, and driving controls available at LifeScape to identify the perfect combination to fit the child’s needs. Goals typically begin with safety and learning to stop and avoid obstacles. Goals then shift to working on controlling the power wheelchair for longer distances and making smooth directional corrections and turns. Final goals involve higher level skills such as community and outdoor mobility.

Intensify FeedingProgram

Intensive Feeding Program

The LifeScape Therapy team has developed a research-based intensive feeding program to create a unique and effective approach to feeding therapy as well as g-tube weaning. Speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, behavior analysts, and registered dieticians work with the child’s primary care provider and pediatric specialists to reach feeding and nutritional goals in a shorter period of time than can be reached with traditional, less intensive feeding programs.

Intensify HelpingHands

Helping Hands

An intensive program using Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy or CIMT for the upper extremity. LifeScape was the first to offer a research driven CIMT program in our region, beginning in 2009. During the first phase of CIMT therapy, participants are seen for at least 2-3 hours per day, 3-5 days per week for a two-week period. The first phase also includes casting the unaffected upper extremity 24/7 to focus on improving use of the affected upper extremity by “constraining” the more functional extremity. The second phase of treatment modifies the casting and focuses on using bi-manual use (using both hands).

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