Spinal Cord Injuries & Related Neurotrauma

Our rehabilitation team understands there are many challenges for patients recovering from spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions. We work with patients and their families to increase abilities and improve quality of life. Our team of specialists meets the needs of every individual through a customized rehabilitation plan.

We Know Kids.

Our staff understands the developmental needs of kids and the challenges faced by patients and families following a spinal cord or related injury. Our team’s experience with spinal cord and related injuries helps to prepare patients and families on what to expect during rehabilitation and while preparing to discharge to home. Our staff have advanced training and many years of experience working with children and adolescents with various levels of disability and needs.

Our team will help your child through the physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges, and help set goals to increase independence and demonstrate confidence throughout recovery. We will work to restore function through therapeutic approaches which may include electrical stimulation, weight bearing, functional task repetition, locomotor training, vital stim and aquatic therapy.