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Post-Surgical Program

Following complex surgery, patients may have substantial ongoing healthcare, therapy and/or equipment needs impacting their ability to return home directly after surgery. The Children’s Specialty Hospital team specializes in the care your child will need following surgery. We have the equipment needed to support children following all type of surgeries. We work collaboratively with children and their families to achieve optimal recovery and a comfortable discharge plan.

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Who We Serve

Our Post-Surgical Care Team

A team of experts is on-site and will vary depending on your child’s unique needs following surgery.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Your rehabilitation team will help you and your child identify goals that will allow them to gain skills and return to home, school, and community as independently as possible. Prior to discharge, your therapy and nursing team will ensure you have the training and equipment needed to care for your child at home.

We Know How to Help

Our team uses age-appropriate treatment techniques and tools, including toys and games, to increase your child’s comfort and participation in therapy sessions. Advanced training and collaboration from other medical facilities specializing in orthopedic and neurosurgeries such as Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul, MN. We offer rehabilitation following Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy Surgery, so that children from the area may recover closer to home.

Next Steps: Experts in Transitioning to Home

Coordination Of Care

Our care coordinator and the team will assist in finding medical providers in your area and setting up any medical appointments your child may have during hospitalization and after discharge.

Therapist Assistance

Therapists will assess, identify, and recommend appropriate assistive devices and/or adaptive equipment for your child in preparation for discharge to home. The team will seek funding and ensure proper training prior to discharge. The rehabilitation team will educate and train families, caregivers, and school personnel on specific needs, goals, or exercises your child may need in order to be discharged to home.

Community Transition

Experiences are encouraged so families can practice therapy activities in real-life settings before going home. The rehab team will help coordinate community outings with specific goals for your child to help build their confidence and independence in getting back to community interests and routines.

Family Conferences

The rehab team meets regularity with the patient and family throughout their rehabilitation journey to discuss progress and goals. We work with your child’s school to inform them of any special needs and to help with the transition back to school.

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