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Clothing Sensitivity

Are mornings a fight in your house because your child WILL NOT put on weather-appropriate clothing, or has a meltdown because of the way his/her clothing feels or fits?

Here are some ideas to try:

  • Buy tagless clothing or cut the tags out.
  • Try seamless socks and underwear, or turn socks inside out.
  • Avoid socks with patterns, as these have knots and threads on the inside.
  • Find the right fit. Some people are bothered by clothing that is too tight and some are bother by clothing that is too loose and moves around on their body too much.
  • Find the right fabric. Some people prefer super soft or light clothing while others prefer thicker materials.
  • Provide choices when dressing for the day to allow your child to participate in the selection process.
  • Provide a quick massage prior to or after putting on challenging clothing items (Example: Foot massage after putting socks on).

If your child continues to have clothing sensitivity difficulties, he or she would likely benefit from an occupational therapy evaluation to further address his/her sensory processing needs.

Also, check out this website for information on stores that have “sensory friendly” clothing lines.

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