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Visual Skills

Did you know that your child can have visual problems even if their eyesight is 20/20? People can have difficulties with visual perception even if an eye doctor says they have good vision.

What is Visual Perception?

Visual perception is the brain’s ability to take in the things our eyes see and make sense of them. When you complete activities such as mazes, word searches, and puzzles, you are using your visual perception.

If a person has difficulties with visual perception, he or she may have difficulties completing the following activities:

  • Dot-to-dot pictures
  • Puzzles
  • Remembering the alphabet without a model
  • Remembering left and right
  • Remembering sight words
  • Reading
  • Getting dressed
  • Organizing personal belongings at home and school
  • How Can I Help Improve Visual Perceptual Skills?
  • Use hidden picture activities (Where’s Wally)
  • Dot-to-Dot sheets
  • Memory games
  • Copying block designs
  • Construction activities (building blocks, Legos, Duplo blocks)
  • Word searches
  • Puzzles
  • Work on identifying objects by touch

Difficulties with visual perception can lead to troubles with completing self-cares independently, reading, completing worksheets in school, and anxiety and poor self-esteem when comparing themselves to peers academically.

Occupational Therapists can address difficulties with visual perception. Call us for details: In Sioux Falls, 605-444-9700. In Rapid City, 605-791-7400.