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Wisconsin boy thriving after three-week feeding therapy program at LifeScape

Five-year-old Zohan Chowdhury came to LifeScape from Madison, Wisconsin, referred by his physician in Milwaukee with a feeding disorder. He had been born prematurely and needed a feeding tube to get his nutrition. Weaning to oral eating was delayed because of the lack of therapy available during the pandemic. He also has inflammation of the esophagus caused by a chronic allergic/immune condition. Otherwise, he’s a typical little boy–except he choked whenever he tried to eat solid food.

His mom heard about LifeScape’s Intensive Feeding Therapy program, and asked her doctor for a referral. In the fall of 2023, he spent three weeks in the Intensive Day Program for Feeding Therapy at Children’s Specialty Hospital at LifeScape, getting therapy three times a day. He worked with lead feeding therapist, Speech-Language Pathologist Melissa Carrier-Damon, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-S. Melissa is the first and only clinician in South Dakota to be certified in the treatment of Swallowing & Swallowing Disorders. Zohan’s parents were amazed when he went home able to eat pretty much anything.

Watch his story on Dakota News Now.

Zohan’s Story

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