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Swimming Lessons

LifeScape offers swimming lessons to all children, no matter their developmental abilities. Lessons are available both individually and in small groups settings.

Adapted Aquatics

Adapted Aquatics is individual swimming lessons that adapt the aquatic environment to meet the needs of children and adults with special needs. The goals are to teach water safety and recreational swimming skills to the best of the individual’s ability through a personalized program.

Swimmers get the opportunity for success, boosting confidence in other areas of their lives. Often children who have difficulty physically or socially playing with other children can be on very equal terms in the water. Adults with special needs are welcome in Adapted Aquatics, too.

Individual Approach

Instructors use specialized aquatics equipment and teaching tools for children and adults with a variety of special needs.

This allows the student to:

  • Overcome fear of the water
  • Feel the freedom of being in the water
  • Succeed in all levels of swimming
  • Experience relief from pain and muscle spasms
  • Increase strength and balance
  • Improve dexterity and fine motor skills

Student Goal Development

Goals are individualized for each child using input from parents, physical therapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, doctors, teachers, and often input from the child themselves.

Social Goals

Socials skills are emphasized, including peer interaction, games, communication skills, and taking turns.

Cost for Adapted Aquatics Sessions:

  • $30 per half-hour
  • 30-minute sessions once or twice a week

Adapted Aquatics is not covered by insurance or Medicaid. It is a private pay service. If you need financial assistance, these sources are able to help:

  1. Family Support Network
  2. LifeScape Scholarships-Scholarship Application
  3. School Districts (IEP) at school’s discretion


Lessons are held in the lower level of LifeScape, 2501 W. 26th Street in Sioux Falls. The swimming pool is 28’ wide and 64’ long. The depth ranges from two feet to nine feet. The water temperature is kept between 94 and 96 degrees. For details, call 605-444-9579.

Interested in Learning More?

Sign up your child for swimming lessons today to help them stay safe and have fun in the water. Call 605-444-9579 for more information.

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