Our Licensed Clinical Psychologists provide outpatient therapy and support services to children, youth, adults, and their families. Our psychologists primarily use a cognitive behavioral approach with a person-centered focus.

Psychological Evaluations

  • Autism Evaluation Team
  • IQ/Cognitive and Achievement (academic difficulties)
  • ADHD

Treatment Specializations


We provide assessment and therapy, parent support and development of interventions and strategies to manage behavioral difficulties, assist with transitions throughout the day, and encourage connections with others. We offer free screenings and full autism evaluations involving a multidisciplinary team.


We provide assessments and treatment for ADHD, including parent support and interventions to manage symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention.

Depression & Mood Disorders

Children can struggle with chronic sadness, mood swings, irritability and, withdrawal. Therapy helps children identify and challenge thoughts and other factors contributing to depression, gives parents interventions and strategies to help children boost mood and self-esteem, and addresses relational issues that can contribute to depression.


Children can experience anxiety which can manifest in physical complaints, difficulty separating from parents/caregivers, sleep difficulties, and worries. We work on ways to reduce anxiety through healthy coping skills, challenging thoughts that cause anxiety, and practicing behaviors that break the anxiety cycle.

Adjustment Problems & Life Transitions

Big changes like moves, divorce, and the birth of a sibling can affect a child’s mood, behavior, and overall functioning. We work with parents on ways to minimize difficulties with transitions and help children navigate them in a healthy way. We help them process through their thoughts and feelings and work with parents on the development of strategies to help ease the impact of a transition.


We provide a safe environment and trusting relationship for children so they can process through traumatic events, such as abuse, accidents, injuries, and hospitalizations.

Grief & Coping

We support children and families who have experienced loss and work on processing through thoughts and feelings in a healthy way in order to gain closure and a healthy perspective on the loss.

Parenting Support & Behavioral Interventions with Children

We work on giving parents tools for their tool belt and effective interventions to address difficult behaviors like aggression and non-compliance so parents feel confident in their ability to manage these behaviors. Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is a short-term, specialized program for children ages 2 ½ to 6 with behavioral and/or emotional difficulties.

Behavioral Feeding

We address family dynamics that may contribute to feeding issues and the underlying causes of feeding difficulties. We also discuss ways to reduce stress and emotionality related to mealtimes. We also talk about behavioral interventions to effectively address feeding difficulties.

Individual & Group Social Skills

We help children develop and maintain meaningful relationships by learning and practicing skills important in interactions with others, including personal space, conversational skills, reading social cues, taking turns and cooperating with others. We work on these skills through experiential activities like playing games, making projects, and following recipes.

Therapy for Families of Children with Disabilities

We provide support for parents regarding healthy self-care, development of a support network, and managing unique stressors involved with parenting children with disabilities.

Sibling Relationships/Conflict

Sometimes dynamics between siblings can become strained. We work on developing healthy and adaptive interactions to improve these relationships.

Bowel & Bladder Therapy

Psychology services provide parents with a helpful perspective on toileting issues and interventions and strategies that effectively address these difficulties and reduce the stress and negative emotions associated with toileting.

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