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Assistive Technology Services

Types of Assistive Technology (AT)

LifeScape therapists are trained to recommend specific equipment that allows individuals access to all aspects of their environment, and to complete daily tasks with safety and independence in mind. LifeScape has five therapists certified as Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP) by the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Association of North America (RESNA). The ATP certification recognizes demonstrated competence in analyzing the needs of consumers with disabilities, assisting in the selection of appropriate assistive technology for the consumers' needs, and providing training in the use of the selected devices.

Assistive technology can range from no- and low-tech solutions to high-tech solutions.

Assistive technology solutions may be store bought, such as speech recognition software; modified such as placing tennis balls on a walker to make it easier to glide over carpets; and, even custom made such as a power wheelchair with custom features.

It may not surprise you to learn that AT may fit into more than one category depending upon the person’s needs as well as how and where the person uses the AT. At LifeScape, our therapists are trained to evaluate an individual to determine the equipment that will best meet their needs and promote independence.

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Here are ten categories for AT solutions:

Six-year-old Caleb Chase is unable to move most parts of his body due to the neuromuscular disorder and congenital joint contracture he was born with. Read Unlocking Worlds: The Miracle of Assistive Technology to see how Caleb is utilizing novel technology to open up the world around him.