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Therapy-Based Camps

Since 2009, LifeScape has been offering skill-building, therapy-based summer “camps.” These sessions with experienced pediatric therapists are a different, fun way to meet therapy goals, usually in a group setting. Our summer day camps provide skill-building fun in areas such as speech and language, social skills, sensory processing, handwriting, and more. Camps are offered in both Rapid City and Sioux Falls. Some are available for insurance coverage.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and our desire to keep people safe, LifeScape will not hold therapy-based camps in group settings this summer. However, all conditions addressed in our summer camps can by treated through individual therapy, which typically is covered by insurance and Medicaid. Psychology, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are all being offered in-clinic at our 18th Street and 41st Street outpatient locations, as well as through telehealth.

Summer is a great time to strengthen skills through therapy. We can address these skill areas and more:

  • Reading
  • Language/articulation skills
  • Handwriting
  • Balance and strength
  • Gait (walking) challenges, including toe-walking
  • Social skills
  • Feeding/picky eating concerns
  • Sensory therapy
  • Bowel and bladder therapy

All staff wear masks at our clinics, and we are maintaining our stringent infection control measures. Patients and accompanying family members are all asked to wear a mask while at our clinics, and we do provide them if you don’t have one. Call us at 605-444-9700 in Sioux Falls, 605-791-7400 in Rapid City, and 712-226-2253 in Sioux City to visit with us about your child’s needs. We are here to help!