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Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups offer an intensive practice in socialization, manners, self-awareness, emotion identification/regulation, and more.

The 10-week group helps children build social skills for establishing new relationships and building bonds with same-aged peers. Children will learn the skills of turn-taking, active listening, problem-solving, and making appropriate requests. A clinical psychologist leads the age-based groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these groups for?

The Social Skills Groups are for children age four to 16 who are struggling with social skills, having trouble fitting in, and are shy.

How do children and teens benefit from these groups?

Social skills groups are an opportunity to learn about and practice social skills with peers under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. Children participating in the group learn specific skills important and relevant to successful and then practice implementing those skills with other children of the same age in a group setting.

Who leads the groups?

A Licensed Clinical Psychologist leads the group, with the assistance of a clinical psychology graduate student.

How often do the groups meet?

Groups are comprised of four to six children similar in age. The 10-week group sessions meet once a week for one hour. Each child must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian. Prior to the start of the group, each child completes an intake evaluation to determine appropriateness or fit with the group.

Where do the groups meet?

Groups meet at LifeScape’s Autism & Child Development Center at 4110 W. 41st Street in Sioux Falls.

Why should a parent send their child to LifeScape’s Social Skills Groups?

If a child is struggling with interacting and playing with peers, making new friends, being rejected by other children, plays alone, becomes angry easily, is unable to engage in or initiate conversations, or does not notice how others perceive him/her, they may benefit from participation in a social skills group.

How are social skills groups billed?

LifeScape bills insurance for participation in social skills groups.

Interested in Learning More?

Do you think your child could benefit from LifeScape’s social skills groups? Please call 605-444-9700 for more information.

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