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Shawn Frewaldt, MS PT, ATP/SMS

Shawn Frewaldt, MS PT, ATP/SMS

Clinical Equipment Specialist, MS PT, ATP/SMS
Joined RISE Custom Solutions in 2021; joined LifeScape in 2003.

Specialties: Mobility and Positioning Equipment. RESNA-Certified as an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) and a Seating & Mobility Specialist (SMS).

Philosophy: I feel a team approach to problem solving each client’s needs is invaluable. Practitioners see them for a snippet of their lives and can offer advice and recommendations on a professional and best practice level. Families and caregivers care for our clients daily, and we need to work within the realm of what works at home, in the vehicle, and in their community. Equipment technicians are vital not only to the day to day workings of RISE, but provide insight, creativity, and fabrication to the “custom” solutions that we can offer. And finally, our billing and insurance staff are essential for working through the financial portion of pursuing equipment.

Bio: After spending an evening at what was then “Crippled Children’s Hospital and School” in 1988, I knew that I wanted to become a physical therapist. I set out on that path through high school and college and was able to achieve that goal in 1999. Throughout my career, I have primarily worked in pediatrics (both educationally and medically), and within this field, came to appreciate the value of mobility and positioning equipment, which brings me to where I am today.

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