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Molly Walega, M.S., BCBA, LBA

Molly Walega, M.S., BCBA, LBA

Molly has worked at LifeScape for three years. She is a Board-Certified Behavior Analysis. She graduated in 2013 with her bachelor’s degree in psychology. She then moved to Colorado Springs and started applying for jobs related to kids, psychology, and counseling. This is where she fell into the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. She worked as an RBT in Colorado for six years prior to moving back to South Dakota in 2020. This is when she started at LifeScape and decided to pursue a ABA as a long-term career. She completed this program in February 2022 and officially obtained the letters BCBA after her name!

“If you have a drive to make a big impact and you have a lot of patience, ABA may be right for you. It is challenging and rewarding all rolled up into this beautiful cyclone, but there is absolutely nothing more fulfilling than seeing an individual’s life change before your eyes. To create change is a very systematic wat, that is evidence-based, and data proven just makes it all the better. Plus, the multi-disciplinary approach at LifeScape is extremely unique.”

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