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Empowered by LifeScape–Times Four!

When Jenny and Dusty LeBrun of Colman, SD, decided to add a fourth child to their family, they never expected to get “four number fours.” But that’s what happened on October 2nd, 2022, when they became parents to fraternal quadruplets.  Cru, Levi, Grayson, and Oakley — three boys and a girl–were born ten weeks early , launching them into a level of parenting that would challenge anyone.

“I always say that being a middle school teacher prepared me for chaos,” laughs Jenny, who taught reading and language arts in Colman until two weeks before the babies were born. After her own recovery and two months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for the quads, her days have been filled with care for the babies and their three older children: Jack, 9; Addy, 5; and Hunter, 3. Dusty, who farms with his family, is on deck until the growing season kicks in. Friends, nursing students, and grandparents come in to help.

You are part of the LeBrun quads’ story, too, when you make a gift to LifeScape. Plus,  your gift will be matched  by corporate partner  Sammons Financial Group ! Your contributions provide life-changing support for so many children and adults with varied needs.

Jenny and Dusty know that things will get easier as the quads become older and more independent. They also know that LifeScape will help the babies gain that independence by getting them caught up developmentally.

“They could hardly move when they came here, ” says Jenny.  “They were three, four, five–almost six months behind in their development.”  Jenny was a student teacher at LifeScape and knew the level of expertise and compassion they’d experience. Without intervention by skilled therapists, the children could lag behind in some areas their whole lives.

Levi and Grayson began physical therapy (PT) in May 2023 to address neck muscle tightness and weakness. LifeScape affiliate RISE Custom Solutions also fitted them for cranial helmets to correct head shape concerns. Cru and Oakley began PT in September to address gross motor delays. “I really like the education they give—things to look for and try at home.” says Jenny.  She is grateful to have access to the expertise of everyone at LifeScape.

Twice each week, Jenny and a helper bundle up the babies and drive 45 minutes to Sioux Falls for therapy.  She is thankful that LifeScape is so close to home.  “They love coming here,” says Jenny. “The therapists are very special to them.  Even when I pull into the parking lot, they start to giggle and get excited. They know where they are and can’t wait to go to therapy.”

They bring in the babies by wagon or by carrying two car seats each. Two of the quads have half-hour therapy sessions while Jenny and her helper wrangle the other two and watch their progress. Then they swap.

The therapists have helped the babies gain coordination and strength to roll over, sit up, and crawl–with walking on the horizon.  Physical Therapist Justine Schroeder treats two of the babies. “Walking with them through these stages and seeing their personalities develop has been so fun,” she says.  “Now that everyone is crawling, it’s hard to contain them!”  Oakley and Grayson have also begun  feeding therapy  at LIfeScape.  Jenny is grateful to have access to all of LifeScape’s expertise.

Bringing four babies anywhere is a lot of work, and  Jenny is grateful that LifeScape works to group their appointments together.  “All four have physical therapy, two have feeding therapy, and one has a cranial appointment. That’s a lot, and LifeScape is so good at working with me.”

Jenny plans to return to teaching when the quads start school. Her goal for them?  “I hope that by the time they start preschool, they blend in with their peers and don’t stand out ,” says Jenny. They are well on their way.

We hope to raise $35,000 to help others like the LeBrun quadruplets.  Funds stay local to help with expenses for therapies, medical care, education, and other needs. Thanks to our “Empowered” presenting partner  Sammons Financial Group , your gifts will be MATCHED! Or, if you join the Sustainer Club for a minimum of $15 a month, your gift becomes $30 a month with the Sammons Financial Group match! When you give to LifeScape, you empower people of all ages with disabilities and rehab needs to thrive.

“LifeScape has been so amazing for my babies.  They are doing so well, because there are therapists that are making sure that they’re doing well,” says Jenny. “I’m sharing my story because LifeScape has been so influential.  But there are thousands of people that walk through LifeScape’s doors. Everybody has a different story. They may have a disability, but at LifeScape the focus is very much on their abilities.”

You can see the LeBrun quadruplets getting therapy at LifeScape by tuning in to

KDLT-TV at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 6th for the  7  annual Dakota News Now special, “Empowered by LifeScape.”  It is presented by Sammons Financial Group and will feature others empowered by LifeScape to live their best lives. We hope you’ll tune in and join us in our mission to empower people to live their best life.

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