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We appreciate your interest in our organization. At LifeScape, all people are valued and respected. Please fill out the short form below and we will get back to you shortly. In the meantime, learn more about the services we offer at LifeScape. If you're unsure which department to contact, select General Information from the dropdown box below.

Service Name Email Phone
Children’s Specialty Hospital Shannon Vanden Bosch, RN 605-444-9556
LifeScape Specialty School Stephanie Busjahn 605-444-9550
Pathways to Life Specialty School Stephanie Busjahn 605-444-9550
Residential Services for Children Stephanie Busjahn 605-444-9550
School-Based Contract Services Natisha Ashmore 605-444-9750
Children’s Behavioral Health Natisha Ashmore 605-444-9750
Social Skills Groups Natisha Ashmore 605-444-9750
Therapy Based Camps Natisha Ashmore 605-444-9750
Adult Residential Shannon Jones 605-444-9550
Adult Community/Day Shannon Jones 605-444-9550
Supported Employment Lexi Swanson 605-444-9859
Conflict-Free Case Management Shannon Jones 605-444-9869
Outpatient Therapy Natisha Ashmore 605-444-9750
Autism Services Natisha Ashmore 605-444-9750
Psychology Natisha Ashmore 605-444-9750
Family Support 360 Shannon Jones 605-444-9550
Physician Services Kristen Vail 605-444-9727
Center for the Arts Jamie Richardson 605-444-9631
Swimming Lessons Natisha Ashmore 605-444-9750
Feeding Therapy Natisha Ashmore 605-444-9750
General Information Information 605-444-9500
Donations Valerie Lietz 605-444-9801