Rehab Week: Get to know Charlie Broberg, PA | LifeScape

Rehab Week: Get to know Charlie Broberg, PA

Physician assistant Charlie Broberg, PA-C provides services for LifeScape through the pediatric specialist practice at Sanford Children’s Specialty Clinic. Prior to completing his medical training at the University of North Dakota, Broberg practiced chiropractic for 16 years, most recently in Britton, South Dakota.

Favorite Ice Cream OR dessert: Peanut butter chocolate ice cream (I love almost anything with peanut butter and chocolate).

Favorite book: I treasure the Bible and hope to always lean on its truths and principles. For pure reading entertainment though, I just wait for the movie to come out!

Favorite place I have ever visited: Yellowstone National Park

One thing most people don’t know about me: I won the diving competition at the Chahinkapa Park Pool Lifeguard Olympics in 1990.

If I wasn’t a Physician/PA, I would probably be: A construction worker/contractor. When a project is finished, I love to stand back and see that the hard work paid off.

Water ski or snow ski? Snow

Favorite movie of all time: Miracle

First job I ever had: I worked for my dad at the hardware store.

Chore that I avoid or dislike the most: Dishes

#1 on the Billboard charts the week you graduated high school? “I Do It For You” – Bryan Adams

What led you to choose medicine as a career? I want to help people get better.

One thing that you value about working with LifeScape staff: They serve the undervalued. I know that sometimes it just feels like work, but it’s worth reflecting on the fact that the people here are doing what God values. I’m honored to work here.

What is one thing that you want everyone to know about PM&R, that they likely don’t already know? We have room for more new patients!