Re:Balance Finds Sara, and Sara finds Re:Balance

April 3, 2015

A familiar face around the LifeScape community, Sara Zwahr excelled in her work opportunities at LifeScape—so much so, said Sara’s mom, Jean, that she began looking for opportunities to do even more. “Of course you always want more for your children,” says Jean, “More friends and more opportunities—that has always been my big, big thing.”

As chance would have it, Sara would soon find the perfect opportunity.

Business owner Nicole Muilenburg contacted LifeScape looking for a good employee to hire at the Re:Balance Center for Detoxification and Rejuvenation, and LifeScape Employment Services quickly identified Sara as an excellent candidate.

“It was a perfect fit for Sara, and Sara was perfect for Nicole,” said LifeScape staff member Michelle Treasure. Nicole and Sara met and had an instant connection. LifeScape staff helped conduct a job assessment, and Sara started working the next week as a paid employee.

“I had a lot of fears at first,” said Jean. “It's been hard for me to let go--to let her do this. But it has really given her a sense of pride to be an employee in a really nice spa, to make good money—to feel like she's important in the workforce.”

“She did awesome,” said Michelle. “I can’t tell you enough how wonderful this has been for Sara. People like Sara want to get out and create relationships with coworkers and customers—all of those natural relationships that come with this kind of opportunity.”

Sara works at Re:Balance every afternoon. Her duties include cleaning the center, interacting with customers and sharing her smile with anyone that walks through the door.

Sara also still likes to see her friends at LifeScape and continues to work there three days a week as well, working out her transportation needs on a daily basis.

“For many people in employment, transportation is one of their biggest barriers,” said Michelle. “So it is really important that she is able to access that to get her where she needs to go. Sara’s story is a great example of what others could experience if given the right opportunities.”

If you are interested in helping people like Sara access opportunities and reach their greatest potential, please visit our giving page. Your gift will make an immediate difference for children and adults at LifeScape!