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Physical therapy helps 12-year-old Nate reach family time goal

When he started physical therapy at LifeScape in December, 12-year-old Nathanial Dickerson had some practical goals—first, he wanted to be able to climb up and down the steps at school. His physical therapist, Kim Burke, began working with him on his balance and strength to meet that goal. (Kim is shown here doing a balance excercise with Nate.)

“Kim has done wonderful work with him to keep him going and working,” says Jessica. “Her attitude is so great—she has so much energy, and it energizes him. He always tries so hard with her.”

Jessica says Kim gives Nate exercises to do at home, and his doctors are really pleased with his progress. “He’s keeping up with his exercises,” says Jessica. “It’s been really great. He’s getting better and better. His confidence is really building, too.”

“He is such a hard worker,” says Kim. “He’s always willing to challenge himself, which makes me proud to be his therapist.”

Nate had another goal, too—to ride a bicycle last summer with his family. The LifeScape staff helped him get a trike that he could ride on the bike path, and he has been able to ride with his mom, dad, and younger brother. His mom is grateful for this activity that most families take for granted. “For the whole family to do that together--that’s been pretty awesome.”