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Eleven LifeScape Staff Members Credentialed As Certified Brain Injury Specialists

Over five million Americans live with a traumatic brain injury-related disability. LifeScape is proud to honor 11 staff members who have been credentialed as Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS): Speech-Language Pathologist Carrie Vermeer- Outpatient Services, Physical Therapist Pam Dahm – Outpatient Services, Occupational Therapist Robyn Privett- Outpatient Services, Occupational Therapist Tricia Young- Inpatient Rehabilitation Services, Physical Therapist Becky Schmitz- Inpatient Rehabilitation Services, Speech-Language Pathologist Heather Hewitt- Inpatient Rehabilitation Services, Registered Nurse Daniela Ruiz Sevilla- Inpatient Rehabilitation/Specialty Hospital, Registered Nurse/Care Coordinator Shannon VandenBosch - Inpatient Rehabilitation/Specialty Hospital, Coordinator of Support Services Jacque Adams- SOAR Adult Traumatic Brain Injury Program, Occupational Therapist Jess Moum - LifeScape Rapid City, and Occupational Therapist Krista Crook, LifeScape Rapid City. They join a network of more than 7,000 interdisciplinary professionals in brain injury across the country, credentialed by the Brain Injury Association of America. LifeScape supports CBIS certification to ensure the best care for our patients and people we support.