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New Constipation Clinic offers multidisciplinary approach for a common childhood problem

If your child has tummy aches, fear of using the toilet, bowl leakage, or infrequent bowel movements, there may be a serious constipation issue that needs immediate attention. Constipation can not only be uncomfortable, it can lead to bowel blockage which can require surgery and even be fatal. If your child is suffering from frequent constipation, LifeScape's new Constipation Clinic can help, with our multidisciplinary approach to care.

This will include an evaluation by a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, and a clinical psychologist, as well as screening for concerns with feeding and nutritional intake. We have treated bowel and bladder concerns for many years, and have expanded our approach due to our experience that there are often multiple factors playing a role in constipation. Our team approach allows us to evaluate and treat your child’s constipation comprehensively.

Who is appropriate for our clinic?

Children ages 4 and up that are struggling with constipation as diagnosed by a pediatrician or primary physician, or if presenting with 2 or more of the following symptoms:

  • Two or fewer bowel movements per week
  • History of withholding or retaining stool
  • History of painful or hard bowel movements
  • Presence of a large amount of stool in the rectum
  • History of very wide stools that may plug the toilet
  • Bowel Leakage

Following the initial evaluation, a schedule for treatment according to the child's and family's needs will be set up. Home program recommendations will also be given, as this is an important part of the child’s plan of care. Constipation is not to be taken lightly!

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