Mall Walk contributes to success stories every day at LifeScape

January 12, 2017

Four-year-old Halle Bauman, who you’ve seen on our Mall Walk billboards and TV ads, is one determined little girl.  Born with spina bifida, she has had physical therapy at LifeScape since she was eight months old.  Her therapists, Pam Dahm and Shawn Frewaldt, describe her as super smart and strong-willed—“which will take her far,” says Pam.  Each week, they help Halle build strength, balance, agility, and endurance.  They help her train her muscles and brain to work together so she can be as independent as possible.  She also gets orthotic braces for her legs, as well as other equipment, at LifeScape and its subsidiary, Rehabilitation Medical Supply.

Much of the equipment used in Halle’s therapy—and throughout the LifeScape organization--is purchased by LifeScape Ambassadors with money raised at Mall Walk.  A specialized treadmill goes slowly enough for Halle to take steps with the support of a harness and her therapist.  Equipment like walkers and wheelchairs provided with Mall Walk proceeds have been available for her to trial before purchasing.  Therapy balls, toys, and other equipment is purchased through funds raised at Mall Walk.  When her wheelchair needs updating, the LifeScape Seating Team uses a computerized pressure mapping system—also purchased with Mall Walk proceeds—with sensors to indicate where she needs support to prevent pressure sores and fatigue from improper positioning.

After a recent surgery for a clubbed foot, Halle was unable to be on her feet for several months.  Her parents, Christa and Steve, feared all her hard-won gains would be lost for a very long time—or maybe for good.  After four months of therapy, though, Halle is back where she was, and a little beyond.  Her years of therapy helped her bounce back.

Christa also credits orthotists at LifeScape with devising specialized leg braces that have allowed her more frequent use of a gait trainer for walking.  Halle uses a customized wheelchair, too, that she maneuvers like a pro.  She personalizes her braces and equipment with her favorite color--pink, and her favorite accent--hearts.  

 “LifeScape is so good at looking at the individual person,” says Christa.  “They’re very good with innovative thinking—they’re always thinking how they can make things better for the person they’re working with.”   Thanks to all who Walk ‘n’ Roll and contribute to Mall Walk, the very best equipment and tools are available for staff to use in Halle’s success story—and those of countless others. 

Here are just some of the things provided with last year’s proceeds: Vitals monitors for nursing, treadmill, pressure mapping system, mechanical full-body lift, adapted equipment for physical education, wheelchair accessible scale, iPads for therapy, Amazon Kindles for school, digital thermometers, toys and equipment for therapies, VitalStim electrodes for swallowing therapy, a speech-generating device, adaptive equipment for self-feeding, birthday parties, Autism Evaluation Testing Supplies, swimming lessons, passes to concerts and other community activities---and much, much more.

Be a part of success stories for children and adults with disabilities—get involved or contribute to Mall Walk today!