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Kathy’s Story

When Kathy moved into the McDowell house at LifeScape nearly three years ago, her family could not anticipate how much her life would change. Kathy’s sister, Barb, recalls that before that time, she would receive “sad, lonely, heart-breaking phone calls” from Kathy—anxious and bored from hours spent sitting at home, eating and watching TV. Kathy wasn’t feeling happy or fulfilled, and Barb and their other three sisters worried about her.
But since moving to McDowell house, Kathy’s life has taken a different direction. Settled with five roommates into the comfortable and inviting home, Kathy has been supported by LifeScape staff in engaging in activities that she loves—cooking and baking, making jewelry, seasonal decorations and art projects. She enjoys walking with her roommates around the block, going to plays and concerts, and consistently going to Active Generations.
“These activities have made her come alive,” says Barb. “They have helped her reach a goal she didn’t know she was missing: to be a more well-rounded person who has joy in her life.”
“I love my staff—they’re so good to me,” says Kathy. “I like doing crafts with them, and helping them out when I can.”
Having always been one who cared deeply about others, Kathy now feels closer to the people she lives with because she shares activities with them. Now when she is bored, she has several people she calls friends to share a productive and fun experience with.
Kathy is excited and proud to share about her new life with her sisters. She has something to talk about at family gatherings, and she is quick to help and clean up.
“You cannot believe the joy it brings to my heart when Kathy calls me, so excited she can hardly speak and tells me how she made a ‘meat casserole’ or helped make a pizza,” says Barb. “Or she invites me over to see her latest art work. She now asks to do these things when she goes on family visits. Last weekend she baked a cake and made oatmeal raisin cookies.”

“This is the life that I always dreamed she would have, but had given up on ever happening,” said Barb. “Kathy and all her roommates are richer because of it.”