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Quarantine Easter Activities

As the Coronavirus continues to spread and social distancing becomes the new normal, many of you have found yourself quarantined with stir-crazy children. To help keep you and your children sane, our Physical Therapists have put together a list of some of their favorite indoor Easter activities to beat cabin fever.

Gross Motor Egg Hunt
Write or draw different activities on slips of paper and put one or two in each Easter egg. Hide the eggs around the house and have your child complete the activity inside as they find the eggs. You can change out the activities each day or use a timer and challenge them to beat their best time.

Egg Balance Obstacle Course: Create an obstacle course out of household items (brooms/mops to step over, t-shirts or pillow cases to jump to, couch cushion tunnels to crawl through, etc). Have your child carry Easter eggs through the obstacle course in a bucket, soup ladle, or spoon depending on how hard you want the challenge to be. Don't drop the eggs or you have to restart at the beginning!

Egg Assembly Challenge: Separate Easter eggs with the top half in one container and bottom half in another. Have your child assemble as many Easter eggs as they can while holding a position (standing on one foot, standing with 1 foot in front of the other, kneeling, frog squat, wall sit, etc). See if they can assemble more in another attempt or in a different position.

Egg Relay: Place the top half of Easter eggs on one side of the room and bottom half on the other side. Have your child do different animal walks (frog jumps, bear crawl, crab walk, etc) to bring each egg shell to its match across the room. To choose the animal walk, you can make a spinner, draw activities out of a hat, or call them out at random.

Wiggle and Giggle Eggs: Inspired by the board game Wiggle and Giggle. Fill one bowl with slips of paper containing movement activities (stand on one foot, run in place, jump, squat, spin in a circle, etc) and one bowl with silly ways to hold an Easter egg (under your chin, in your elbow, behind your knee, between your wrists, on your head, etc). Have your child draw one paper from each bowl and attempt them together (Ex: run in place with an Easter egg held under your chin). If they can complete the task, they get to keep the egg. If they drop the egg, it goes back into the basket. Whoever has the most eggs at the end wins!

COVID-19 Time Capsule: Download this interactive coloring book and have your child take a moment to fill in the pages for their future self to look back on.