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Darcie Knight, school psychologist, helps kids have their best school experience

For over 12 years, Darcie Knight has helped students at LifeScape Specialty School and Pathways to Life School learn to their best ability. "I chose school psychology because I wanted to help children have the best possible school experience," says Darcie. Besides working directly with students, she works closely with teachers and parents to address behavioral and academic challenges to learning.

Originally from PIckstown, SD, Darcie earned an Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology from the University of South Dakota.

Her love of children drew her to LifeScape in 2007, and she still says the children she works with are the most rewarding part of her job. As one of two school psychologists serving over 100 students, the variety of her work keeps things interesting and challenging.

Besides serving their own students, LifeScape's school psychologists provide outreach testing and consultation for students in schools throughout the state. For more information on school outreach services, call (605) 444-9550 or email admissions@LifeScapeSD.org.