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Dezi gains strength and independence through physical therapy

Fifteen-year-old Dezarae Konken (shown here with physical therapist Doug Hackett) loves going to therapy at LifeScape AbleKids in Sioux City. “The whole staff is warm and friendly to her,” says her mom, Eugenia. “When they see her come in, they visit with her and joke with her--I really appreciate that.”

She is also making steady progress with her therapy goals. Born with cerebral palsy, Dezi gets weekly occupational, speech and physical therapy at LifeScape AbleKids.

Dezi’s physical therapy goals are to gain core strength and balance, and to improve her walking skills. “They really know how to get kids to move do their therapy,” says Eugenia. “Dez loves ‘Frozen,’ so they’ll put ‘Let it Go’ on to get her to walk—it’s really awesome.”

Dez was recently diagnosed with scoliosis, a curvature of the spine that can cause chronic pain, respiratory problems, and decreased capacity for mobility. Her therapists have worked specific treatments for this condition into her therapies. “Therapy has helped her so much. They’ve worked so hard to get her to walk and sit up straight. Her walking and balance have really improved.”

Eugenia also appreciates the support she gets from the staff at LifeScape AbleKids. “They are really good about answering my questions. They helped me find support with a parent whose child had the type of surgery being recommended for Dez. It was helpful for me to talk to them to know what to expect. It was nice that they did that. I feel like they really care about her, and about the parents.”