A Passion for Treating Others with Respect

Alex Campbell has a passion for treating people with respect, and speaks out about bullying whenever he has the chance. He works and lives independently in Sioux Falls, receiving minimal services through LifeScape’s Residential and Supported Employment programs. He is also a trainer for Human Resources department. He regularly talks to groups of new staff about his experiences and the importance of following our Mission, Vision, and Values in their work.

What do you tell new employees?
If you’re a new worker, pay attention to the people and help them however you can. Be nice, be polite to others, be patient. I tell them some people can’t hear or speak. I hope they remember to enjoy their time with people, pay attention to them, and be kind and patient. I tell them, “Enjoy your job!”

Do you think they get the message?
Yes. New staff often thank me and ask me questions to get my point of view.

What else?
I tell my story and what I went through being bullied by other kids in school. I don’t think people understand how much bullying hurts other people. It’s serious. It makes me upset when people don’t care about how they are treating people.

Where else have you brought your message?
I spoke at a high school. There was a kid who wanted to talk to me who had been bullied a lot. He was really sad and upset about things that had happened to him. He had never been bullied before. I told him to keep his head up and be strong, and talk to his family or principal about it. I tell people to be brave and talk to someone who cares about you.

Did you enjoy school?
Yes and no. It was hard to meet new people. It’s better now. Every day I get more and more friends. I had a really awesome teacher in high school, Miss Alexander. She’s a great teacher and a lot of fun. I wish I could say “thank you” to her for what she did for me.

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?
Stay away from people who are doing bad things and are mean. Hang out with the right people.

What are your hopes for the future?
I’d like to speak at colleges about bullying. I’d like to go to a 49ers game in San Diego. I like to travel a lot.

What advice do you have for our readers?
Be kind to one another, be respectful, be nice, don’t be rude. Enjoy time with each other.