Supported Employment

Many people supported at LifeScape choose to participate in training opportunities that prepare them to find competitive employment. Others utilize employment services to support their current employment or aid in the search for community employment.

Employment Preparedness:

  •  Training and skill development
  •  Understanding of the workday, breaks, and use of sick/vacation days
  •  Feedback on job performance
  •  Pay for actual work completed while learning skills
  •  Training for catering, baking and food preparation services, custodial and maintenance services, clerical, data entry, and pre-sort mail services

Community Employment:

  •  Employment Specialists help create career goals, perform assessments, work with area businesses, and provide job coaching
  •  Currently support over 90 people working in the community
  •  Have relationships with over 60 businesses

To learn more about LifeScape’s Employment Services, call Patrick Derrick at 605-444-9974.