Day Services for Adults

There are many opportunities for people to participate in and explore a variety of meaningful activities throughout their day. They do this in many ways, and all services are driven by each person’s own goals, dreams and needs.

Some areas of focus are:

  • Accessing their community – This may include volunteering or attending activities and events in the community.
  • Recreational and leisure – Swimming, bowling, spending time at local parks, movies, and eating out are a few examples.
  • Meaningful relationships – People are encouraged to keep in touch with loved ones whether this is writing cards or emails, sending pictures, or making arrangements for visits.
  • Maintaining and learning new skills – People may need continued training so they can be as independent as possible. Staff support people in learning sign language and using adaptive communication systems. Other examples of trainings offered are cooking classes, self help and social skills, computer classes and money management.
  • Self advocacy – People are provided training in many areas of safety and welfare. Some topics include stranger danger, learning how to protect themselves from Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation, and learning what to do for severe weather or fire. People also learn what to expect at doctor’s appointments to help them overcome anxiety and fears.

LifeScape also has a school program to help young people with disabilities, ages 18-21, develop skills for adulthood, Pathways to Life.  

For information and referrals, contact admissions at 605-444-9550.