Center for the Arts

The LifeScape Center for the Arts is a specialty program which allows access to the creative arts for children and adults. The program provides both visual and performing arts opportunities which are modified to the individual needs of each artist. The Center for the Arts aims to:

  • Provide arts opportunities which bolster confidence in the artists and educates them that there is no wrong way to do art.
  • Provide visual arts which are created independently and of high caliber.
  • Create performing arts experiences which provide a high level of entertainment.
  • Provide a platform to educate the community of the importance of recognizing individuals for their abilities rather than their disabilities.

Life Enhancement

Arts programming is vital to the supports provided at LifeScape. It not only allows for creating and performing, it is also able to address many areas which enhance the lives of the people we support:

  • Provides an alternative mode of communication
  • Provides increased social and communicative opportunities
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Increases the amount of active engagement occurring in daily programming
  • Increases opportunities in community involvement
  • Enhances decision-making skills
  • Enhances problem-solving skills
  • Provides opportunities to develop life-long leisure skills
“Without opportunities for art, the talent lying within a person with disabilities could be lost forever.”

~Nancy Bailey

Visual Arts

The Center for the Arts has a strong emphasis in individualized creation in the visual arts. The program is able to provide adapted tools and methods and continually works to find accessible and outside-of-the-box ways to ensure independence for all of their artists.

Artists working with the Center for the Arts have created artwork which has been featured at: the Washington Pavilion, the ArtAbility art show sponsored by the Sioux Falls Mayor’s Disability Awareness Commission, Sioux Falls Chamber Mixers, LifeScape fundraising auctions, local businesses which have commissioned pieces, the South Dakota Legislature, the South Dakota Arts Council, The Kennedy Center’s Very Special Arts (VSA) national and international contests, and the United States Department of Education.

Performing Arts

The Center for the Arts provides at least one major performing arts opportunity annually which features an all-ability cast of performers. The productions work together to bring together performers from LifeScape as well as individuals within the community who may or may not have a disability. The collaborations have brought tremendous success both on stage and behind the scenes. The following performances have been featured:

Upcoming in June 2018 is a performing arts camp at Joy Ranch near Watertown, SD, Camp Bravo.
Future dates for Camp Bravo are:

  • June 16-21, 2019
  • June 14-19, 2020
  • June 20-25, 2021

Community Collaborators

The Center for the Arts is honored to work with multiple organizations locally and across the state and country to ensure the highest level of programming possible. We have worked with groups such as:

The Black Hills Playhouse, Dakota Players, an Outreach of the Black Hills Playhouse, The Augustana University Theatre and Education Departments, The Augustana University Theatrical Society, the University of Sioux Falls Theatre Department, The Washington Pavilion Community Learning Center, The Washington Pavilion’s Dakota Academy of Performing Arts (DAPA), The South Dakota Arts Council, The Kennedy Center’s Very Special Arts (VSA), Barefoot Dance Company, Flutter Productions, Suzie Cappa Art Center, and numerous local and regional artists.

For more information regarding the Center for the Arts and available programming, please contact Jamie Richardson at 605.444.9631 or