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Flexible Seating and Engagement

Research shows that flexible seating in the classroom improves classroom engagement, on task behaviors, motivation, improves focus and attention, increased burning of calories, uses up excess energy, and it increases core strength and posture. The benefits of flexible seating in the classroom outweigh the negatives. Flexible seating should allow for students to do their best learning. The child should be moved to another type of seating if the chosen seating is causing a distraction or is being used incorrectly. Students should try all the available seating options for an entire day to see which seating they prefer for optimal learning.

Options for flexible seating:

  • Seating cushions
  • Camp chairs
  • Small rugs, bath rugs, yoga mats
  • Stand-up tables (tables can be raised using bed risers)
  • Balls
  • Pillows, core discs, move-sit-cushions
  • Papasan chair
  • Scoop rocker chairs
  • Lying on stomach or back
  • Stools that move up and down
  • Wobble chair
  • Bean bags
  • Bungee chair
  • Milk crate seats
  • Video rocker



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-Jennifer Crisp-Griebel, MS,OTR/L Occupational Therapist, LifeScape