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Megan Johnke, OTR-L, OTD

Megan Johnke, OTR-L, OTD

Megan has been at LifeScpae for over 19 years. She is the Director of Outpatient Therapy.

LifeScape Why: “Where do I begin? What everyone does at LifeScape can be incredibly challenging. However, it is equally as (or even more) rewarding! In most larger organizations, therapy is a relatively small department, and you can feel less connected to your peers. At LifeScape, our therapy team is like family. We have opportunities to pursue specialized services and offer unique programs that you don’t find in other places. I am so grateful to have worked alongside and learned from so many other OTs and other professionals – Dr. Julie Johnson, speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, psychologists, behavior analysts, orthotists….the list goes on and on! You won’t find what we have just anywhere ❤”

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