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Steve's Corner

What is workplace culture?

Culture influences everything we do – and the culture of a company can speak volumes to its mission, vision, and values.

Why is it important? Open communication, meaningful work, and strong workplace culture gives employees a reason to stay. It is only when we walk the talk, that culture truly impacts the organization.

Immersing yourself in your new hires, shows this positive culture on day one, such as taking the time to explain your organization, the core values, and help them embrace their new career. However, repeating those core values once or twice a day during orientation isn’t going to stick with them. It only becomes effective long-term, when our employees see the leadership team, their supervisors and coworkers demonstrating those core values with daily actions. It is only then, they connect and try their best, because it shows they too truly care about the work they are doing.

While workplace culture starts with leadership, all of us need to ensure that our employees feel like they belong, are able to contribute, are heard, and are allowed to grow professionally. When our employees understand how they can help the organization’s goals and future plans, this gives pride in the work they do. This becomes a significant reason why employees will stay with the organization. Ultimately having a great work culture, will be a key contributor to ensuring the viability and sustainability of our Mission, to empower people to live their best life. Our culture and ultimately the Mission, depend on you and your daily interaction with the LifeScape family.