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Empowering You to Help Us, Help You!

Waitlists. No child should ever be put on a waitlist for services they desperately need.

Please help us help you and your child, by sharing your personal story. We would also ask that you make these specific asks as well.

  1. $1.8 million in ongoing state general funds for LifeScape's children's asks as recently presented to the Joint Appropriations committee.
  2. For the CSPs of South Dakota, LifeScape being one of 20:
    1. Funding 100% of new methodology, which hasn't been done since 2001.
    2. Funding the grandfathering of all "enhanced rates" until they are appropriately addressed in new methodology.

As the largest of a limited number of Medicaid based Applied Behavioral Analysis or ABA providers in South Dakota, we are heavily reliant on state funding to provide ABA services to your family. The lack of state funding, combined with increases in autism diagnosis across the state have created a perfect storm of demand that exceeds supply, resulting in a waitlist that only continues to grow.

Being told your child has autism is scary enough, but being told you can't get the help your child needs for several months or longer is even worse.

You have the power to help us do this, not only for your child, but for all South Dakota children diagnosed with autism. Act now!

Simply look below for the waitlist you're impacted by.

Want to make an ever bigger impact - click on the links under each photo to e-mail the committee deciding where the money goes, those in charge, policy makers, and more!

If you do not know what District you are in, simply click here and enter your address. Once you've entered your address and hit enter, click on the map and it will tell you what District you are in.