CEO Search

LifeScape Welcomes Applications and Nominations for the Chief Executive Officer Position:

Interested Candidates: Inquiries, nominations and applications are invited. For a full position description click HERE. Candidate nominations can also be submitted by completing the Nominations Form.

A review of applications will begin immediately. Qualified applicants are asked to send a confidential resume and salary requirements via e-mail to: by May 7, 2018. Resumes will be screened by a committee of our board of directors and candidates notified of the next steps.

It is critical that interested candidates embody the values of integrity, compassion, fiscal responsibility, collaboratiive relationships, and excellence. Especially important is our value of compassion and demonstrating care and concern for the welfare of others with a desire to help.


LifeScape is a one-of-a-kind, statewide organization with a rich history. Its corporate headquarters is located in the vibrant, growing and supportive community of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In Sioux Falls the organization has over 40 sites, including an outpatient Rehabilitation Center, an inpatient Rehabilitation Center and Specialty Hospital for children with medically complex conditions, a Specialty School, children’s Residential Facility, and multiple homes and day service locations for adults. In addition, LifeScape has outpatient Rehabilitation Centers in Rapid City, South Dakota and Sioux City, Iowa.

LifeScape has the distinction of holding the longest national accreditation with the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) of any organization of its type in the nation. In addition, it is licensed, accredited and certified as:

  • Home and Community Based/Community Support Provider
  • Private Intermediate Care Facility for Children
  • Special Education School
  • Specialty Hospital
  • American Board of Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics
  • Qualified Case Manager Provider
  • Iowa Medicaid Rehabilitation Provider

LifeScape is one of the top ten employers in Sioux Falls with nearly 1200 employees and has an annual operating budget of nearly $56 million. It is the only organization in the state that has a Specialty School, private Intermediate Care Facility and Specialty Hospital that offers pediatric inpatient rehabilitation and complex medical care.

The Chief Executive Officer position has the extraordinary opportunity to work with a dedicated Board of Directors and team of leaders to focus on the following key initiatives laid out in the organizations recently updated and approved Strategic Plan. These are:

  • Work Force Stability: Focus on retention, quality service delivery and organizational effectiveness.
  • Doing Business Differently: Maximize human and financial resource as a result of improved structure and processes.
  • Discerning sustainability in Service Lines: Through refined business and work processes and investing in core business functions to ensure long-term financial and programmatic health and success.
  • Technology and Systems Management: Position ourselves to acquire and effectively utilize technology to support the mission of the organization.
  • Culture Enhancement/Learning Environment: LifeScape will be the experts in the region and be the leader in developing professionals in its various fields of service.

The new Chief Executive Officer will have the distinguished opportunity to work with a dedicated and well-qualified Senior Leadership Team:

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position was most recently held by Anne Rieck McFarland who had been the CEO of South Dakota Achieve for 19 years and when LifeScape was formed, she was named its Chief Executive Officer. Anne is retiring from her work after nearly 40 years of dedicated service to improving the lives of people with disabilities and creating a strong culture of learning and development for the dedicated staff who carry out the mission.


The organization has been purposeful in creating a culture referred to as “The LifeScape Way”. The following illustration reflects the essence of that culture:

This organizational graphic illustrates how LifeScape presents itself to employees, customers and other constituents. The “hub of the wheel” is the core – comprised of people supported [patients, students, children, adults and families] … everything the organization does is predicated on what they want and need. Each employee plays a role in ensuring that LifeScape supports people well. Everyone works together, celebrates together, and has each other’s backs. No one job is more important than another. Everything LifeScape does is to positively impact its mission to achieve the vision and to live the five organizational values. The organization desires a new leader who can appreciate and embrace this culture.


LifeScape has been a member of the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce for over 70 years and works with the community in advancing its economic health and quality of life. Sioux Falls is a vibrant, forward looking community filled with engaged and friendly people. Sioux Falls has a focus on community, where you can get that small-town feel, without giving up those "big city" amenities. Sioux Falls is dynamic, ambitious and motivated, but never fails to value individuality of its residents, and the growth and security of its families. LifeScape has been a proven leader and partner in Sioux Falls and throughout the state of South Dakota in providing cutting edge and needed services. This has resulted in people being able to get unique and expert services in their home state and in a community-based environment.