Jordan Olson – I am an employee.

Jordan Olson loves having his own apartment. “I have more freedom,” says Jordan.  “It’s quiet and I can do what I want—watch whatever TV I want or listen to whatever music.”

Jordan was trained and placed in two part-time jobs by LifeScape’s Supported Employment Service. The program has six Employment Specialists who help adults with disabilities find employment that fits their skills and interests.   Jordan has worked at Nyberg’s Ace for six years, and at Pomegranate Market for three years.

I really like making the popcorn at ACE,” says Jordan.  “The customers really like it.”  Jordan’s main job is to keep the store clean, which he does very well.

“Jordan is more than just an employee here, he is part of the store,” says Jody Bell, his supervisor at Nyberg’s Ace. “He is extremely reliable, respectful and responsible. He’s a hard worker and an excellent person from start to finish.” 

At Pomegranate Market, Jordan washes dishes and helps wherever needed—assisting customers and sometimes helping with food prep and serving, which he especially enjoys.

Sometimes known as Jordo, he’s an upbeat 25-year-old young man with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. He rides the bus to work, and manages his money well.  “I spend it wisely as much as I can,” he says.  He is looking forward to a vacation to California with a friend, and often spends time with his family. At work, Jody Bell says Jordan is held in highest regard.  “Jordan’s teamwork is inspiring to every one of us that work with him.”