All People are Valued and Respected

March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. People with disabilities, no matter what, are people first. At LifeScape, we promote respect and People-First language. People served by LifeScape are brothers, students, employees, wives, and many more things! Sign the pledge to end the r-word and promote people-first language.


Respect is the new R-word - Take the Pledge

In an effort to change attitudes and create more accepting communities, we ask that everyone make an effort to stop using the R-word. The R-word we are referring to is 'retard(ed)'. This word has become a way to exclude others. We are joining the efforts of the "R-Word" organization to stop the use of this offensive word.

Let's join together and make RESPECT the new R-word!

Take the pledge to end the R-Word.

People First Language

People with disabilities, no matter what age or what disability they may have, are people first. They have individual personalities, interests, abilities, and needs. They are our children, sisters, brothers, mothers, and fathers. They are our neighbors, employees, and friends. Please join LifeScape in bringing awareness to People First Language and help spread the word to end use of the “R” word.

Examples of People First Language

Disability Respect & Etiquette