Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) - Board-Certified & Registered Behavior Analysts use a systematic, data-based strategy to teach or improve critical skills needed for independence. LifeScape's ABA therapy program is designed for those 18 and younger who have a diagnosis of autism.

If your child doesn't have a diagnosis, but you suspect an autism spectrum disorder, contact us for a free screening or for information on the full evaluation process. (ABA can also be helpful for adults with ASD, though insurance coverage may not apply.) 

We accept insurance, Medicaid, and private pay for ABA services.  

Sioux Falls appointments or details: (605) 444-9700 or (800) 584-9294
Rapid City appointments or details: (605) 791-7400 or (800) 584-9298

Frequently Asked Questions about ABA