Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission: We empower children and adults with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives.

Vision: All people are valued and respected.

Values: Integrity, Compassion, Fiscal Responsibility, Collaborative Relationships, Excellence

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More Than Just a Bicycle

Dominic Deyo was SO excited to get a new bicycle for Christmas. Not unusual for an 8-year-old boy, perhaps, but Dominic’s parents are still amazed that their son can even ride a bike.

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Two Generations, Providing for the Future

Growing up in Beresford in the 1960’s and 70’s, Todd Anderson was known as the kid with the natural talent for piano and organ, and for the expert volleyball serve he developed in middle school. Born with developmental delays and an intellectual disability, he was not known as a kid who was picked on. His older sister, Tami Hayzlett, made sure of that. “It really was a good experience in Beresford,” says Tami. “We were surrounded by people who were kind to him.”

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