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Mission: We empower children and adults with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives.

Vision: All people are valued and respected.

Values: Integrity, Compassion, Fiscal Responsibility, Collaborative Relationships, Excellence

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Kaymbria makes gains “her brain shouldn’t allow her to do”

Kaymbria’s brain scans didn’t show much promise. Born healthy and happy not even four months earlier, she now faced a lifetime of complete care—unable to walk, talk, or even see. Her brain injury was so severe, physicians felt she would be socially unaware –unable to show or respond to affection. In addition, she had regular seizures.

This beautiful baby girl had some blessings coming her way, though. The first was named Brittany, whose name later became “Mom.” After that came a number of teachers—many in the form of therapists and nurses. One of those, physical therapist Melissa Beckstrom, became her biggest foe—until Kaymbria grew to love her for the independence she taught her.

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