LifeScape provides highly specialized therapy and psychology services for individuals of all ages.

Services are provided in outpatient clinic settings in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and Sioux City, as well as through LifeScape's residential, specialty school, and inpatient rehabilitation and medically complex programs in Sioux Falls.

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Free Screenings

LifeScape offers free screenings for children under age four:

  • General Development: Developmental screenings are provided by a licensed pediatric therapist, addressing the development of gross motor, fine motor, self-help, and speech/language skills.
  • Orthotics & Prosthetics: LifeScape’s subsidiary Rehabilitation Medical Supply provides initial consultations for all orthotic and prosthetic services.
  • Autism (provided for children 3 and under): The one-hour screenings include testing by up to three professionals.  If further testing is recommended, a doctor's order is needed for a full autism evaluation at LifeScape, which is led by pediatric psychiatrist Dr. David Ermer. The evaluation team also includes a psychologist, occupational therapist, and speech-language pathologist.

Outreach Therapy

LifeScape also provides therapy (as well as educational and psychological consulting) in school districts across the state.  We are also a Birth to Three provider.

Expertise in a Variety of Conditions and Disabilities

With locations in Sioux Falls and Rapid City, our team of experts provides a range of evaluation and treatment services for both children and adults with a variety of conditions and disabilities.

Highly Specialized Treatments

Our therapists provide highly specialized treatments in:  assistive technology, seating and positioning, feeding and swallowing, augmentative communication, sensory integration, pediatric bowel and bladder incontinence; visual motor/perception; torticollis treatment; serial casting; behavior management; and diagnosis and treatment of autism.

Onsite Physician Consultation

A physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation is available onsite for consultation by appointment.

For information and referrals, contact admissions at 605-444-9708 in Sioux Falls, and 605-791-7406 in Rapid City.

Physical Therapy

Focusing on:

  • Developmental skills such as sitting, crawling, walking, and jumping
  • Strength, range of motion, and endurance
  • Stretching or relaxing tight muscles, including serial casting and torticollis treatments
  • Functional mobility with assistive devices, such as manual and power wheelchairs, walkers, and gait trainers
  • Incontinence of the bowel and bladder in children
  • Toe-walking in children
  • Many other skills related to movement

Occupational Therapy

Focusing on:

  • Fine motor skills such as reaching, grasping, handwriting, and tool use
  • Independence in self-care, such as feeding, dressing, brushing teeth, etc.
  • Visual motor and visual perceptual skills
  • Reducing sensitivity to sensory stimuli: touch, sounds, smells, tastes, and movement
  • Gaining functional skills through use of adaptive equipment or assistive technology

Speech Therapy

Focusing on:

  • Developmental language skills
  • Articulation, voice quality, or stuttering to increase functional speech
  • Expressive language skills
  • Receptive language skills, comprehension, and vocabulary development
  • Swallowing and oral motor function
  • Picky eating and food aversions
  • Social interaction skills
  • Reading ability
  • Functional communication skills through alternative methods such as sign language, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), augmentative communication devices, or other assistive technology devices
  • Problem solving and memory

Behavior Therapy

LifeScape is proud to use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in its behavioral and teaching programming.

  • ABA is research-based and the only method of teaching approved for people with autism.
  • It is effective for teaching children, adolescents, and adults of all abilities.
  • ABA has been endorsed by the National Institutes of Health, the Association for Science in Autism Treatment, and the Surgeon General of the United States.

LifeScape employs the largest number of certified behavior analysts in the region.

Clinical Psychology

LifeScape's clinical psychologists provide cognitive and behavioral therapy and counseling for individuals with mental health diagnoses and other challenges, including:

  • ADHD
  • ODD
  • Autism
  • Emotional/behavioral issues
  • Asperger's Syndrome
  • Depression, mood disorders, and anxiety
  • Adjustment problems
  • Grief, trauma, and more

Testing services include:

  • IQ/Cognitive and Achievement assessments
  • Psychological assessments
  • Autism evaluations

Services are available to individuals (children & adults), couples, and families.


Specialty Clinics and Evaluations

  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Clinic
  • TEAM (Tone Evaluation And Management) Clinic
  • Feeding & Swallowing
  • Autism Clinic
  • Power Mobility Clinic
  • Seating & Positioning Clinic
  • Assistive Technology Clinic
  • CARE (Cranial Asymmetry Repositioning Evaluation) Clinic for Infants
  • Toe-Walking Clinic

Adaptive Aquatics

Adaptive Aquatics is individual swimming lessons that adapt the aquatic environment to meet the needs of children with special needs. The goals are to teach water safety and recreational swimming skills to the best of the individual’s ability. Certified instructors develop a personalized program based on the Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program, as well as therapy, educational, and physical fitness goals. Children get an opportunity for success, boosting confidence for other areas of their lives.  Often children who have difficulty physically or socially playing with other children can be on very equal terms in the water. Adults with special needs are welcome in Adaptive Aquatics, too!

Individual Approach
Instructors use specialized aquatics equipment and teaching tools for children with a variety of special needs. This allows the student to…

  • overcome fear of the water
  • have an opportunity to be independent in the water
  • feel the freedom of being in water
  • succeed in all levels of swimming
  • experience relief from pain and muscle spasms
  • increase strength and balance
  • improve dexterity and fine motor skills

Student Goal Development
Goals are individualized for each child using input from parents, physical therapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, doctors, teachers, school district personnel and often the child him or herself. Instructors encourage the students to accomplish their goals using Applied Behavior Analysis.

Social Goals
Social skills are emphasized, including peer interaction, games, communication skills, and taking turns. Parents and siblings are welcome to come into the pool during lessons.

Cost for Adaptive Aquatics sessions
$25 per half-hour
30-minute sessions once or twice a week
60-minute sessions once a week

Adaptive Aquatics has three possible sources of financial assistance
Family Support Network
LifeScape Scholarships - Scholarship Application
School Districts (IEP) at school’s discretion.

Lessons are held in the lower level of LifeScape, 2501 W. 26th Street in Sioux Falls.  The swimming pool is 28’ wide and 64’ long. The depth ranges from two feet to nine feet. The water temperature is kept between 94 & 96 degrees.

American Red Cross Swimming Lessons

Children who are developing typically can take American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim lessons at LifeScape, either individually or in small groups of siblings or friends. The warm water in our pool and the individual attention they receive make LifeScape a great place for children to learn this life-long skill.

Safety Skills in a Logical Progression
The objectives of the Red Cross Learn-to-Swim courses are to teach people to be safe in, on, and around the water, as well as to swim well.  Skills are built in a logical progression:

  • Water entry & exit
  • Buoyancy
  • Treading
  • Water safety
  • Building endurance
  • Breath control & submerging
  • Swim on front, back, and side
  • Stroke and turn refinement

By the end of the course of lessons, participants have the prerequisite skills and the necessary fitness level for entrance into advanced courses.  This may include Water Safety instructor or other aquatics activities, such as competitive swimming and diving.

Course Length & Ages Served
There is no minimum or maximum length of time. Skills are generally developed in 8 lessons of 30 minutes each.  The recommended minimum age for entry into Red Cross Learn-to-Swim is about six years old, although younger children can benefit from one-on-one lessons. There is no maximum age, and no skill prerequisites.

Cost for Red Cross “Learn to Swim” lessons

  • Individual - $20.00 for 30 minutes or $160 for an 8-week session
  • Semi-Private - (2 students) - $15 for 30 minutes per child or $120 per child for an 8-week session
  • Small Group (3-4 students) - $10.00 for 30 minutes per child or $80 per child for an 8-week session

Application - Red Cross Swimming Lessons

Lessons are held in the lower level of LifeScape, 2501 W. 26th Street in Sioux Falls.  The swimming pool is 28’ wide and 64’ long. The depth ranges from two feet to nine feet. The water temperature is kept between 94 & 96 degrees.

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