Autism Services

Free Autism Screenings

You’ve probably heard the statistics: 1 in 68 children is now being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Maybe you’ve wondered if your child has autism. Or, maybe you already have a diagnosis. Either way, LifeScape can help. 

For peace of mind, we provide free autism screenings for children 4 and under at LifeScape, performed by clinicians who specialize in autism treatment. No referral is needed – simply contact us at your convenience to set up your appointment. The screening takes about one hour to complete. We will answer any questions you have about your child’s development and behavior, and let you know if a full evaluation is recommended.

Comprehensive Autism Evaluations

To determine if a child has an ASD, our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive autism evaluations.

Our Team

The Autism Evaluation Team is led by child psychiatrist David Ermer, MD. Also on the team are a psychologist, speech-language pathologist, and occupational therapist. Together, they can assess all aspects of your child’s needs.  

Referrals & Funding

Autism evaluations require a referral from the child’s physician or school. Funding sources are insurance or Medicaid (if the referral is made by a physician) or school districts (if the child’s school makes the referral). LifeScape will take care of billing for the evaluation.

What to expect

The evaluation takes about 4 hours. Afterwards, we will give you an educational and/or medical diagnosis. We’ll walk you through what the results mean for you and your family, and answer any questions you may have.

No other organization in the region can match LifeScape’s level of staff expertise in treating children with autism.

Levels of Care

With any autism spectrum disorder, early intervention is critical. LifeScape has the expertise to help children gain communication, behavioral, social, sensory, and learning skills to grow up as independently as possible.  For adults with autism, LifeScape offers supports for safe and fulfilling lives.  Whether the need for supports is mild or significant, LifeScape can provide the help you need for your loved one.

Family Support

We know that autism impacts your whole family. This is why we offer additional parent and family education classes, led by our own expert staff and other industry experts.

Contact Us

To schedule your free autism screening or simply to speak with one of our on-staff experts, please give us a call at 605.444.9700. We’re here to help.

Treatment Options

Consultation to Schools

Lifescape professionals provide consultation to schools, working with educators to create effective Individual Education Plan supports and classroom environments. Areas of consultation include:

• Special education
• Behavioral (School Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis)
• Speech-language pathology
• Occupational and physical therapy
• Assistive technology
• Adapted physical education