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March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. People with disabilities, no matter what, are people first. At LifeScape, we promote respect and People-First language. People served by LifeScape are brothers, students, employees, wives, and many more things! Sign the pledge to end the r-word and promote people-first language.

Governor Daugaard’s Proclamation for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Jordan Olson – I am an employee.

If you have ever shopped or eaten at Pomegranate Market, you may have had a chance to meet Jordan or “Jordo” for short – a nickname given to him by his co-workers and proudly displayed on his name tag!

Jordo is a 24 year old with a positive attitude, a very upbeat personality and a strong work ethic.  “Jordo is willing to do whatever it takes to get things done.  He never says no.  He just works hard,” says Matthew Regnier, Jordo’s supervisor at Pomegranate Market.

His responsibilities at Pomegranate include washing dishes, cleaning, running food, preparing chicken and helping out the customers.  By working at Pomegranate, Jordo has had the opportunity to learn new skills, meet many new people, develop friendships, and even try some new foods.

According to Matthew, Jordo knows the importance of getting his work done, but that doesn’t stop him from having some fun.  He is known for sneaking up behind his co-workers and scaring them – which makes their hearts skip a beat!  He can also be found jamming to his country music while he is working in the kitchen.  

Sharon Nelson – I am a wife.

Sharon is proud to say that she has been happily married to Mickey for 25 years!

Sharon and Mickey have a long history together.  They originally met at LifeScape (then Sioux Vocational Services) in 1979.  They began dating about a year later and enjoyed going to movies and visiting area parks. In 1982, they decided to end their relationship.  Mickey started working across town and it was too hard for them to spend time together.  

Then fate happened…In 1989, Mickey happened to take the bus and ran into Sharon.  They were excited to re-connect and began dating again.  Mickey proposed a year later and they were officially married on March 5, 1991.  

Sharon and Mickey are like many other married couples.  They are best friends that enjoy spending time together.  They still like walking around area parks and going out to eat.  However, some of their greatest adventures are when they are able to travel.  They have visited Key West, San Diego, Duluth, the Black Hills and have made several trips to Omaha.  They have many pictures commemorating these trips and spend time reminiscing about them.

Sharon looks forward to spending the rest of her life with Mickey and seeing what other adventures await!



Respect is the new R-word - Take the Pledge

In an effort to change attitudes and create more accepting communities, we ask that everyone make an effort to stop using the R-word. The R-word we are referring to is 'retard(ed)'. This word has become a way to exclude others. We are joining the efforts of the "R-Word" organization to stop the use of this offensive word.

Let's join together and make RESPECT the new R-word!

Take the pledge to end the R-Word.

People First Language

People with disabilities, no matter what age or what disability they may have, are people first. They have individual personalities, interests, abilities, and needs. They are our children, sisters, brothers, mothers, and fathers. They are our neighbors, employees, and friends. Please join LifeScape in bringing awareness to People First Language and help spread the word to end use of the “R” word.

Examples of People First Language